Crisis Management

Crises come in lots of different forms and while some are immediately obvious, others are slow burning and harder to spot in their early phase, but the common features are an abnormal and unstable situation that threatens the strategic objectives, reputation or viability of an organization or one of its businesses. 

The first 72 hours are often crucial. Our cross-disciplinary crisis team can mobilise immediately to respond to the particular issues you are facing, offering you the support you need, wherever you need it, fitting into your crisis management team and collaborating with your other advisers. As we all move beyond the initial response, we can work with your team to build a more detailed assessment and management process, undertake forensic investigations (including use of AI tools for data analysis) and advise on how to engage with your regulators, potential claimants or defendants. Once the worst is passed, we can work with you to identify key learnings, and longer term responses.

We are able to:

  • act as the core custodian of the facts (typically under legal privilege)
  • ensure the right information is available to decision makers
  • ensure an accurate and consistent narrative is provided throughout by PR and communications representatives
  • support and assist with any internal investigations
  • provide necessary legal advice as to the board and management’s reporting responsibilities with an eye to collateral impacts and
  • liaise with relevant regulators.

Compliance: establishing robust and adaptable governance, risk management and compliance solutions

Some problems that a company faces are genuinely impossible to predict or avoid, but many others are avoidable or can be mitigated through robust controls, a strong culture and good governance. Increasingly regulators expect to see these in place, and the organisation’s exposure to regulatory or criminal risk continues to become much greater if they are inadequate or non-existent.

Planning for the unexpected is critical to ensuring that a business can respond efficiently and effectively when serious issues arise. We help clients develop strategies and systems to ensure that they are well placed to handle crises and mitigate their impacts.

Our Operational Intelligence Group is a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to addressing your commercial, legal and governance challenges helping you secure the long-term sustainability of your organisation.

We have unparalleled experience in handling some of the most significant and high profile crises confronting corporates of the last few years.