Risk, Regulation and Governance

Changes to the commercial, legal and societal landscape have meant that organisations are faced with increasingly complex and interconnected challenges, risks and opportunities. Many of those changes, in turn, have resulted in governments, shareholders, consumers, employees and other stakeholders placing a greater emphasis on concepts like governance, oversight, accountability, transparency, compliance and earning a “social license to operate”.


Since the end of the financial crisis, organisations have increasingly felt the impact of the legal and regulatory change that has swept across the globe. This has significant operational, financial and strategic implications for our clients and their stakeholders. We work with our clients to establish robust and adaptable governance, risk management and compliance solutions.


The role of the in house lawyer used to be advising on whether something was legal. Today they are expected to advise on whether something is right, and that requires engagement and a broadened perspective. We support organisations in making these decisions, taking into account the evolving international legal and commercial landscape.


Sustainability refers to an organisation’s delivery of long-term value in financial, social, environmental and ethical terms. These matters increasingly impact on corporate long-term viability and resilience. We help our clients ensure that sustainability is embedded into their strategy and operations.


Governance modules and compliance programs

We assist clients in assessing, designing, implementing and monitoring strategy-driven governance models in order to address challenges such as fraud, corruption, economic sanctions, sustainability and reputational risk. We do this through education and training, enhanced compliance mechanisms, and investigations when necessary. We also help clients to make sense of the multitude of options for both internal and outsourced compliance systems.

Board advice

Setting a clear ‘tone from the top’ is increasingly important to demonstrating a responsible approach to managing regulatory and compliance risks. We assist clients brief their boards on important new developments, and set appropriate policy commitments to be rolled out through their organisations and supply chains. We also help our clients develop and advise on the implementation of processes to ensure that material issues are raised in an appropriate way at board or senior management level, to facilitate a prompt and considered response to risks as they arise.

Risk assessment

The commercial world is increasingly interconnected and companies operate across a greater range of jurisdictions than ever before. At the same time, national and local regulators are imposing an ever greater array of rules on companies operating within, and sometimes even outside of, their jurisdictions. We assist our clients in identifying, evaluating and managing risks across their business in this challenging commercial and regulatory landscape.


We help clients navigate increasing requirements to report publicly on a broad range of aspects of their business. We advise on the content of reports and public statements, on how to respond to challenges to disclosures brought by regulators and interested stakeholders, and best practice in developing systems which enable companies to report with confidence.

Crisis management

Planning for the unexpected is critical to ensuring that a business can respond efficiently and effectively when serious issues arise. We help clients develop strategies and systems to ensure that they are well placed to handle crises and mitigate their impacts. We have unparalleled experience in handling some of the most significant and high profile crises confronting corporates of the last few years


We help clients to handle both internal and regulatory investigations regarding compliance with a range of rules, including anti-bribery and corruption, environmental, human rights, data protection, anti-trust and voluntary industry standards. Among other things, we assist management to ensure that their organization complies with the statements and commitments that they have made to their stakeholders. The firm’s global presence allows it to conduct investigations and to harmonise the response to regulatory agencies across jurisdictions.