Economic sanctions are a complex, high-risk and ever-changing mix of law, economics, policy and international relations. Our cross-border team of sanctions practitioners keeps abreast of legal and political developments, so that we can assist our clients in navigating the opportunities and challenges presented by their global businesses. 

We are a one-stop shop for sanctions advice and can support our clients with all sanctions-related issues, including:
  • routinely advising on late breaking developments in U.S., EU and UN sanctions, and their impact on our clients’ M&A deals, securities offerings, compliance programs and dealings with restricted entities, individuals, derivative instruments and investments 
  • liaising with relevant regulators and authorities, including OFAC, BIS, HMT and the FCA
  • drafting and obtaining authorizations and licenses from relevant regulators and authorities to remove sanctions restrictions, remove sanctions list designations and authorize transactions
  • assisting with investigations
  • helping to create and implement global compliance policies and programs
  • becoming involved in investigations or proceedings by criminal or regulatory agencies and seeing them through to resolution
  • advising on legal and regulatory consequences of breach of sanctions frameworks


As a leading global firm, we have a particular strength in dealing with complex multi-jurisdictional issues across all sectors, and in developing commercial solutions to global sanctions challenges. We have experts located in major hubs across the world including, London, Brussels, Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai, Hong Kong, Washington and New York, together with expertise through alliance firms in Sydney, Melbourne and Johannesburg.

Some of the sanctions-related cases and investigations we have been involved with include advising:
  • energy sector companies exposed to Russia  and Iran related sanctions risk
  • a Belgian bank on the financing of the construction of an energy export pipeline
  • a major Russian oil and gas company on sanctions issues arising from its acquisition of an interest in a significant Indian business
  • numerous industry leading corporates and financial institutions regarding strategies to comply with EU blocking regulations while mitigating U.S. sanctions risk
  • Sakhalin Energy on ensuring sanctions compliance in the context of the recent enactment of the Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act

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  • a major private equity firm pre acquisition in connection with U.S. sanctions issues relating to a target, and the implementation of U.S. sanctions compliance policies within the target prior to closing
  • a blocked multinational technology company in seeking to be un blocked, and successfully advocating for OFAC to grant a business critical license
  • obtaining sanctions authorisations from the competent authorities in the UK, France, Italy and other EU jurisdictions for a major energy project in Russia
  • various clients regarding the scope and application of the U.S. Russian sectoral sanctions directives, including the sectoral sanctions targeting the debt of named Russian energy sector companies and activities in relation to special Russian oil projects
  • a consortium of EU financial sponsors in relation to sanctions applicable to a significant infrastructure project in Cuba
  • numerous retail, industrial, financial and other sector clients in relation to the re imposition of secondary sanctions in Iran following U.S. withdrawal from the JCPOA
  • a global private equity firm in response to the designation of a counterparty on OFAC’s SDN List
  • ECAs and lenders on sanctions compliance and protection against sanctions escalation in the context of the U.S. $19bn Yamal LNG Project financing
  • a European commercial bank in relation to ongoing Venezuelan sanctions risks
  • a satellite operator on the risks of a procurement tender for two satellite ground stations in the context of the sanctions of export restrictions 
  • multiple major export credit agencies in relation to identification and mitigation of U.S. sanctions risks
  • a major foodservice and retail technology company on compliance with international sanctions regimes, implementing sanctions and anti corruption compliance policies and directing pre acquisition corruption and sanctions due diligence
  • a private equity firm focused on investments in Latin America in connection with U.S. sanctions matters in Venezuela
  • a British financial institution in its settlements with U.S. Federal and State criminal and regulatory authorities relating to the bank’s international payments practices and OFAC administered sanctions programs
  • a Turkish client with an EU holding structure on the implications of Russia/Ukraine sanctions in respect of its supply arrangements with a Russian counterparty and applying for export authorizations
  • a Belgian bank accused of having financed the acquisition of military equipment for the Republic of Congo in breach of various sanctions regimes
  • a major European bank on the implication of Russia/Ukraine sanctions to its operations generally, and in respect of specific financing arrangements with Russian entities
  • a German trade finance entity that was designated as a blocked person by OFAC in connection with the company’s request for administrative reconsideration
  • a Belgian bank accused of carrying out transfers in U.S. dollars toward Cuba in breach of sanctions
  • an international investment bank in litigation proceedings against an Iranian bank that claimed repayment of funds frozen by the bank under OFAC regulations
  • a multi national telecoms company regarding compliance with EU and U.S. sanctions law in connection with Iran
  • two international investment banks regarding potential violations of European sanctions against Iran by a target company of a private equity transaction
  • a Japanese manufacturer on compliance with U.S./OFAC and EU sanctions
  • an international private investment group on the current sanctions restrictions in respect of an investment in Iran
  • numerous issuers in connection with their securities offerings, and underwriters in various equity and debt offerings in the context of the U.S. and EU sanctions regimes
  • a global engineering and project management company on Iran sanctions compliance regarding potential consultancy arrangements
  • various clients on OFAC related due diligence in connection with various financings and bond offerings