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Legal Operations

Legal Operations brings together a network of business experts who work closely with our lawyers to provide high-quality, practical support for our clients

We are committed to delivering our services as efficiently as possible, whilst maintaining the highest quality for our clients. Our global network of specialist teams work hard to enhance our clients’ capabilities, while ensuring our legal advice is delivered faster and at the right price.

Working closely with our lawyers, Legal Operations comprises specialists and resources across four key areas:

  1. Alternative resourcing
  2. Innovation
  3. Knowledge and Learning
  4. Business Management and Matter Pricing

Alternative resourcing

We understand the contexts in which our clients operate and how these are constantly shifting. As circumstances change, we offer a range of alternative resourcing solutions for when our clients need it most – from paralegals to legal project managers.

The Re:link network connects our thriving community of market-leading contract lawyers with high-profile assignments to meet the immediate business needs of our clients, across a broad range of specialist expertise.

Legal Operations AR

Legal Operations AR


We are embracing a range of market-leading technology to improve the way we work with and for our clients. Working across the global innovation community, we are developing a variety of products, processes and initiatives in an agile yet robust way.

An example of our work is the development of an AI toolkit which draws upon the expertise of lawyers across our practices to provide guidance on the legal and ethical challenges of such technologies.

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Knowledge and Learning

As legal and regulatory landscapes evolve, we offer a range of tools to enhance the capabilities of our clients equipping them with the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of their business.

We deliver bespoke and innovative services, tailored to the needs of our clients, offering a suite of legal and skills training, as well as a range of publications and knowhow tools that ensure clients have the most critical information to carry out their work.

Legal Operations AR

Legal Operations AR

Business Management and Matter Pricing

We also support clients with their business management needs, supporting the development and execution of their strategy and working with management teams to implement business plans and financial budgets.

We also offer a market-leading approach to pricing across the firm and have a range of tools to ensure pricing decisions with clients are as transparent as possible.